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Dr. Marlene Shiple, the Sex Coach Dr. Special Report! Hi!  I am Dr. Marlene Shiple, the Sex Coach Dr.  Thank you for coming to our site to visit.  I encourage you to take your time ... and roam around.  You will find many free resources here to help you strengthen your Relationship! 


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            Our newest website is up and running!  It is dedicated to those of you
            who want solid information about Healthy Sexuality.  As you know,
            Dr. Shiple is a certified sex therapist and diplomate sex therapist with
            AASECT (the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors
            and Therapists) and ABS (the American Board of Sexuality).  At this 
            site, you can read articles and get additional information.  

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 Company Profile

  Dr. Marlene Shiple has been engaged in the practice of Life Coaching for 
  the past 35 years.  She has a Ph.D. degree in Counseling Psychology 
  and continues to add to her education with regular classes and training.  
  Dr. Shiple provides guidance to coaching clients by helping them to 
  uncover blocks to their success and by assisting them them to create   
  more satisfaction in their lives. 

  Marlene Shiple, Ph.D., is a certified as a Life Coach, a Sexuality
  Therapist/Coach and a Retirement Coach.  She enjoys the challenge 
  of using practical, behavioral strategies to impact the lives of those 
  she coaches.  

  Satisfied coaching clients eagerly share their success:

  •  "For the first time in my life, I am pleased with the direction my life is taking.
      Dr. Shiple is so organized and to-the-point that, in just five sessions, I was
      able to begin utilizing tools to change patterns that had held me back for
      many years."                                                    -- J. B., Deming, NM

  •  "I now feel excited about being alive!  Before working with Marlene Shiple
      I was despondent about being 64 years old.  I felt that the most-productive
      part of my life was through ... and I was just marking time.  Dr. Shiple
      helped me to create new focus for my life:  I can't wait to get up and get 
      at it each morning!"                                        -- S. D., Phoenix, AZ

  • "If you are not exhilarated at the prospect of living your life with purpose,
      see Dr. Marlene Shiple.  Before working with her, I was confused about
      my life purpose.  I felt pressured to find out; the stress was overwhelming!  
      Dr. Shiple is a specialist at helping you zero in on what gives meaning to
      your life ... and helping you achieve it!"        -- G. W., Kalispell, MT

 My message to you is simple yet profound, "If your life is happy and satisfying,
 just continue doing what you've been doing -- it's working!  If your life is less than
 fully satisfying, contact us.  We can help you to enjoy the life you've always 
 dreamed of having!"


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  Telephone: (602) 266 - 6662
  Office Address:
Approaches to Coaching, Unlimited
One E. Camelback Rd., Suite #550
Phoenix, AZ    85012       
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